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IAMP is a 5-day training program that includes -

  • Class-room training and exercises with case studies and homework
  • Guest lectures by accomplished Entrepreneurs and industry veterans
  • Field trip to Silicon Valley companies, Accelerators such as Y-Combinator, 500Startups
  • Attending live funding events

The broad objectives of the curriculum are:

  • To define your incubator’s or accelerator’s niche with clarity and scope.
  • To be able to establish incubator or accelerator mission statement, goals and program objectives and develop a strong business and operating thesis to guide the incubator’s or accelerator’s startups.
  • To be able to create and maintain a financial plan that is guided by your thesis and goals.
  • To be able to create a training plan for your incubator’s or accelerator’s employees and training partners.
  • To be able to establish a working board of advisors and a committed group of industry participants to guide and scale the startups.